Gathan Beaga

death chirrup

It started suddenly: while I was working on the party invitation for B₂’s seventh birthday there was a sound like a quiet cricket’s chirrup.

And another, and another, marking a lazy rhythm.

Hmmm, it seemed to be coming from inside the MacBook. I must do a backup, I thought idly. Then the screen froze, all except the pointer.

Restart. Soft grinding noises – not my teeth (yet) but again coming from the machine’s guts.

White screen. A pause. While I waited and hoped.

Then, that icon of dread, a flashing question mark inside a folder. The hard disk was hosed.

This is really just another object lesson on the need for a decent backup strategy. I did have one, but I’d let it lapse to an extent. So I’ve lost two months worth of data.

And now I wait for a replacement to arrive from Ascent. The old disk appears to be completely unrecoverable, even with some specialist tools … and Apple seem happy for intrepid amateurs to perform the necessary surgery themselves.

Wish me luck.