Gathan Beaga

days of our lives

Observing that it’s been fifteen long days since the last posting here I feel compelled to write something, anything. Don’t know why.

So, exciting things that have happened lately (YMMV on the excitement factor):

  • the Blackball Salami company make the most amazing bacon. It smells like maybe they used beech to smoke the stuff because just cooking it makes the kitchen smell like a bush campfire. Awesomely good.
  • Galactica Is On Again. American friends provide in a very timely fashion; and now we have Sunday night viewing free of either crap movies-of-the-week or British “quality” drama full of the same tired faces.
  • Saturday soccer. B₂ is playing, and although I most certainly do not like having to haul my arse out of bed any time before about nine on a Saturday morning it’s actually worth it for this. The fine, still weather did help yesterday; later in the season we’ll probably curse the day we agreed to it.
  • my fortieth is coming. Actually, I am less than excited about this, but have realised that I don’t have to have a party if I don’t want one. I need to think of something interesting and exciting to do. Or maybe buy – we’ve been cruising the galleries with aimless intent.
  • cult game for the Wii, Zack and Wiki, is brilliant. Zack the boy pirate and his pet monkey must solve puzzles to win treasure. Doubly nice because the girls can and do make very good and useful puzzle-solving suggestions; while the point and click interface can be managed easily by them.

Well, that’s more than enough excitement for now. I’ve got Monday to look forward to, after all.