Gathan Beaga

daylight saving?

In previous years the end of Daylight Saving was welcomed as an opportunity for an extra hour’s sleep – a guilty pleasure that lasted for a couple days until the bodyclock caught up with the new time.

It doesn’t work like that any more.

The kids wake up when their body-clocks tell them to, and they wake for food. So, this morning, the clock said 5:15 am when Bella woke up and decided that she wanted some company, and that meant she should wake up her little sister.


On holiday Becky and I bargain – one does nightshift, the other does morning. So it fell to me to drag my sorry arse out of bed and get them into the lounge before they woke anyone else up (we are currently on stopover in Napier).

I feel short-changed. And tomorrow I imagine we’ll be up early for the trip to the beach. So no sleep-in, again.

(whine whine whine)