Gathan Beaga

critiquing journalism

In what seems to be an emerging Sunday tradition about the place people usually write blog postings about the things they read in the Sunday papers. By Sunday evening, having digested the day’s papers, you can then riffle through the NZ blogosphere for hard-hitting in-depth secondary analysis of the stories of the day.

For example here, an Adolf Fiinkelsein is apoplectic over a factually incorrect and somewhat shocking attribution of the word “tree” to a coconut palm, in the headline story of today’s Sunday Star-Times. This is, without doubt, further evidence of reality’s well-known liberal bias.

Well, I too can blog about fast-breaking current events.

I noticed in the Sunday Star-Times magazine today another of Annabelle White’s superb pieces of actually quite useful investigative journalism (“Food Detective”): this time, an exposé on eggs.

Her findings were eerily similar to my own: that Eco-Eggs Free Range are the best eggs available in supermarkets today. For two Sunday evenings in a row now we’ve had the most delicious scrambled eggs made from these rather gold-plated little numbers.

I’m sure this has everything to do with the treatment of their hens (as described on the carton):

Our hens live in small flocks on lifestyle properties where they are looked after by caring farmers and are free to express their natural behaviour.

You can just see it really – it’d be like Club Med for hippie chick(en)s: muesli for breakfast; handknitted comb-warmers for all the “girls”; individual names; self-actualisation courses and an hour of yoga every evening.

Well, whatever it takes, I say. Those eggs are pretty damn good. I wonder if they do size 16s for roasting?