Gathan Beaga


R. has had quite a bit of stuff back from Ponoko recently, something which the girls love as much as she does. Because this means there will be all sorts of interesting offcuts to be employed in projects of their own.

This morning B₂ and R₂ were engaged in a bit of co-operative construction: offcuts, glue, paint – out on the deck in the sun. After dinner they showed me what they’d built:

B₂ and R₂ get busy making stuff

It occurred to me that I’d seen something like this before, and I said so to the girls. A quick websearch later and, thanks to Dewalt on Flickr, proof:

The Red Fort, Delhi

Maybe I’m just being a Dad here, but does not the girls’ creation look like the Red Fort of Delhi?

And it turns out B₂’s not completely convinced either, though she’s willing to take my word for it.