Gathan Beaga

@ craft 2.0, and after

We’re just back from Craft 2.0 at the New Dowse (thanks Martha and Sue!). And R. and I in need of a little rest (so now R₂ is with DVD, and B₂ is hitting the Sesame Street site).

It was inspirational stuff. Even for B₂. The first thing she did on getting home was to grab the computer and start typing in the website of the maker who gave her two lovely badges (thank-you – it was lovely of you to do that: unnecessary, but appreciated all the same). Plus we started to fulfil one of our informal decisions to try and buy more art this year.

Now I’m feeling full of the need to just DO something cool. So I figure there’s now several creative options open:

  • do something for other makers (like R.) with the huge amount of high-quality webspace I’ve come into possession of (get this: lifetime hosting of up to 25 websites; 10GB Disk space; 30GB/mo Bandwidth, and 50 databases); or
  • keep on with my Big Idea (whose size keeps outpacing my ability to deliver);
  • have a close look at Ponoko. Their demo stand at Craft 2.0 today was nothing short of revelatory. Keep an eye on these guys – the creative possibilities available in the toolset they are creating for people to use are mind-blowing, maybe even life-changing for those people who through it find an new outlet for their creativity… plus I know Dave, one of the founders, and his work, and this tells me that what they do will be grounded in the real as well.

I really need to focus on what I’ve started (so perhaps I should stick with No.2). And focus is really what I need, as does R. who also returned similarly afire with newly formed ideas and plans (and way more of a making inclination than me).

The TV needs to go off more, for a start. And, dare I say it, less Zelda?