Gathan Beaga

@ craft 2.0, again

rosa's supervery sheepB₂ and R₂ had been looking forward to this day for weeks, ever since Sue promised them a cow and a sheep, respectively, when they met her at the Ponoko showing in July. So there was little chance of us not going to Craft 2.0.

As before, there was lots and lots of cool stuff. Half of it supplied by fellow Wellingtonistas, it must be said in only a slight exaggeration. There were Sue and Martha, of course, Che helping man the table of his crafty partner Mary, and Jo with her zines and other fabulous wares.

There was, of course, much more besides and again R. and I were thinking we need to get busy making stuff ourselves. (R. has been in the Ponoko beta, so she’s further ahead than I.) Something to think about for the next Craft 2.0 in December.

Meanwhile, the girls love their little cow and sheep necklaces (with R₂’s black sheep in particular only removed at bathtime). Thanks Sue!

And they’re also loving Jo’s coconut sugar scrub, which they’ve raided at bathtime a couple times now. (Thanks Jo – R. loves it too!) After rubbing her leg red with the fragrant concoction B₂ proudly announced “This is great! I’ve just got rid of a whole lot of dead skin!”