Gathan Beaga


Amongst the endless crap Japanimation-toy-tie-ins there is the occasional gem of a cartoon to be seen during the kids zone on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Like Kim Possible, when it was still playing. Or Courage, the Cowardly Dog – seen here on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am.

Like all really good cartoons there’s a lot of adult themes that (hopefully) sail over the heads of the younger audience. Like today, part two of a fairly incomprehensible episode called “The Mask”. Mainly incomprehensible because I hadn’t seen part one the previous week, but anyway.

Kitty (a cat) and Bunny (a rabbit) are lovers best friends. But Bunny’s been kidnapped by a pimp mad dog called (funnily enough) Mad Dog. Naturally this doesn’t do great things for the mental stability of Kitty, who apparently in the bit I didn’t see last week was busy beating the crap out of Courage because “All [men] dogs are evil” (which explains all Courage’s flashbacks to a rather frightening masked figure). Eventually Courage helps Bunny escape and Kitty comes to realise that not all dogs are evil.

At least, that was my interpretation of what I saw. Others see differently.

Sounds all a bit serious… but other episodes are full of jaw-dropping surrealism; evil space chickens, and giant mutant squids. In other words, well worth checking out.