Gathan Beaga

corporate IT nazis

Sometimes, it becomes apparent just how good you have things.

At work, in the name of “progress”, my beautiful local-adminned and highly customised (but always up-to-date) IBM T42 laptop is being replaced with… a de-wirelessed and de-bluetoothed Dell Latitude D410. Though admittedly I’m enough of a whore for tech that I’m in a very small way looking forward to getting a new thing to play with. If only it wasn’t so limited…

So… goodbye Firefox; goodbye syncing Outlook with my phone; goodbye Ruby (Tracks and Instiki); goodbye SpamBayes; goodbye Google Desktop; goodbye GnuGrep; goodbye my ability to customise my work computing environment (it is apparently possible – oh the generosity! – to change one’s desktop wallpaper a grand total of 1 time); goodbye to a good proportion of the fun in my day.

Hello corporate uniformity; IE6; convenience for administrators; and “security”.

Yeah, security. Whereas before I was running a couple of Ruby web apps on a USB memory key, thereby keeping any potential data away from the public internet, my new solution is to… yes! run them on the public internet. That’s way more secure. Not that security is my responsibility anymore, right?

You see, it’s obvious from the fact that everything is locked down that I cannot possibly be trusted to make security decisions myself. Therefore convenience (as opposed to security) tells me to use the public internet for the things I need.

And of course run Firefox on my USB memory key. After all, what do I know. I’m just a dumb user now.

A challenge.