Gathan Beaga

clean spoke sky-blue

Some found poetry, but probably the sort you wish you hadn’t found.

A spam message beat Apple Mail today: not many manage to. (I would have long since give up my ClearNet email address if it wasn’t for Apple Mail’s spam filters.) This particular message was strange in that it had no link. And buried in the HTML (the text was coloured the same as the table background) were the following phrases:

sizes thousands deal buried
clean spoke sky-blue been4
sneezing People raw Whoever
dreadful sob endowed broke
within temple truth steamships

Wasn’t that fun?

So I thought I’d have a quick perusal through some of the reams of crap I have to see if there’s any other diamonds in the rough (as it were).

The answer is, sadly, no. But I’ll tell you about it anyway. Some spams have things like this hidden in them:

order confirmation. your order should be shipped by January, via fedex. your federal express tracking number is terrapin. thank you for registering. your userid is: meltwater

Other times the spammer’s message generation scripts fail and all that gets inserted is a placeholder variable like “$randomwords”. But mostly the spams just have random letters hidden in them.

Other emails are more malign. One I found seemed to have a Java applet embedded in it, which luckily didn’t seem to be able to run inside the HTML display of Mail. (If I knew what I was doing I’d take it apart to see what it does. But I’m too paranoid to try this at home.) Just looking at some of the messages seems to cause Mail to lock up – I think it may be the ones that have fake PGP signatures at the end of them that GPGMail cannot parse.

It’s a toxic cesspool, my Spam folder.