Gathan Beaga

christmas card 2005

2005 Christmas cardOnce again, more fevered image manipulation.

This time, I thought I’d try a mosaic approach, having found a nice app to do the job (the base image, a gradient starting white in the middle and black around the outside was created with The Gimp).

The mosaic app cruised over all the images we’ve taken this year, eventually arriving with what you see here. Of course, we had to have a centrepiece, and there the girls are on the front step of their wendy-house.

And the font: well, that’s a font created from my own handwriting. Last year sometime there was a free site that you could send in a scan of your writing. But now I can’t remember where it is.

Not my best effort, but it’s good enough, and even better, it’s DONE. One less thing to think about. Now it’s up to FrogPrints for the rest… and of course us to actually get our sh*t together and send them out before Christmas…