Gathan Beaga

christmas card

The other night I finally used The Gimp, although in a fairly halting way, for something useful. I’ve had it installed via Fink on my iBook for the better part of eight months and had never really got around to exploring it properly.

So I created a fairly amateurish photo montage of some of the better family photos of the year for use in our Christmas card for this year (currently being printed by FrogPrints). I am very impressed with the power of the application… but it’s not that easy to use. On the other hand, with power comes depth, and I think the Gimp is up there with Apache as one of Open Source software’s greatest achievements.

I’ve posted the card, and a selection of other shots, here. The page is passworded for protection from bots and other unwanted visitors – drop me a line if you need entry.