Gathan Beaga

chick fight

girl fightI have also mentioned in the past the psychotic blackbirds we have locally. Maybe it’s these same ones again, or maybe it’s just the mad flush of springtime, but yesterday two female blackbirds were having a pretty serious fight1 on the garden path.

They were pretty much oblivious to anything else around them, so I was able to get quite close (and their struggling did eventually attract the neighbour’s cat, but luckily by that time the birds had called a truce).

Strangely, and quite unlike the pattern in most animal behaviour that could be characterised as a “fight”, the one that appeared to be the “loser” (it’s her on the bottom) would chase after the “victor” to reopen the battle. Very very strange, and weirdly intense.

1 The “cloudy day” white balance setting on the e510 doesn’t seem to be quite right, to my eye… but I’m too lazy to do the proper colour correction on these photos.