Gathan Beaga


Like many working in the eCommerce area I seem to think that a raging caffeine addiction is some sort of (rather pathetic) badge of office.

So of course I had to go on a mission to find a decent latte this morning. Doubly important, because given the timezone difference I was already two hours late for my first of the day.

Having seen Pellegrini’s on a TV travel show at the weekend I’d thought I’d give it a go. It was a long wander up Bourke Street, and on arriving was every bit as charmingly shabby as could be desired. Grimy walls, worn formica, and an incredibly strong and hot latte.

I had held romantic visions of finding the sort of cafe bar Becky and I used to seek out while travelling in Italy: standing only with a huge array of pastries and other small dolci. Not quite.

I did find some company though, in the form of an over-friendly flying cockroach. And at least I’m fortified for the day now.