Gathan Beaga

but oh, the sunsets!

Raumati SunsetI think I’ve mentioned it before… but the sunsets here are pretty damn good.

Each night, there’s something new as the sun slips down behind the Marlborough Sounds across the water, casting final deep orange rays before leaving just a fading glow sharply limning the hills.

I guess the people who live here get a bit blasé about it – not everyone was out there grabbed away from their TVs, cameras in hand as was I. There were a few people below on the beach though, voices unheard over the surf but pointing and maybe just as gobsmacked as me.

I’ll add pictures to this later: I’ve been taking a few each night. It’ll have to wait until I get home – uploading pictures via my cellphone is both expensive and deleterious to their (technical) quality.

And I’ll get another night to check out the next sunset.

Edit: uploaded the photos. For what it’s worth, I’ve grouped them all here.