Gathan Beaga

buses, shopping, fish and chips

Being a short description of the day.

The real test of any Wellington bus driver is the concept of multiple people – our family – travelling on the one – my – Snapper card. This is quite possible, but something that many drivers have no clue how to do. Our first driver today admitted he didn’t know how to do it, and made us pay cash for the girls’ travel; the second knew exactly what to do, and it all worked well; and the third just waved the lot of us on after I used my Snapper card just for my fare.

I think I prefer the third driver’s approach.

Later, much later, we were in Newtown and figured the easiest dinner was fish and chips down by the sea. And with a Northerly on that means the South Coast, just as another day almost four years ago.

The south island is thataway

The South Island is that-a-way. I can see it.

Soon, soon.