Gathan Beaga


I, like most of the rest of the blogosphere, have been dabbling in BlogShares, a sort of marketplace for imaginary blog shares whose value is determined by the number and value of incoming links. It’s safe to say that the shareprice of half-pie is worthless… but I have been making some gains buying and selling in the marketplace (I would have made quite some more but I dumped my shares in MPT about two hours before Matthew got re-indexed… and given all the attention he’s had lately his blog is on the up & up).

Today for some reason, someone I don’t know, and had not heard of until today, has gifted me some shares in their blog. Very kind… but… the cynical me suspects it might be a ploy to get the gift-giver’s blog linked a bit wider, thus increasing the value of their own property. If so, it’s worked – I’ve linked to it (now let’s wait for the indexer). If not… well please forgive my cynicism.