Gathan Beaga

blippin' heck! another website!

I didn’t know I needed it… but… I’ve signed up for yet another website this evening (thanks bsag!). I think this one looks quite good, actually.

It’s Blippr, a site that takes the Twitter approach to reviews. You get to make little 160 character media reviews; these are then are shared through the now-customary social networking approach: friends, followers, blipstreams, tags, comments etc etc. Plus some unobtrusive “Buy” links of course.

I’ve tried to do proper reviews here for the things I’ve been reading/viewing/listening to, but never got around to it for most things. Maybe 160 character blipverts will be easier.

The cool stuff comes, I think/hope, when they’re able to suggest things I might like based on people similar to me etc etc. OK, so I know the idea’s not super-fresh, with many other sites/Facebook apps doing similar things, but Blippr seems to make it easier. I think it’s got legs.

While I’d usually be hyper enthusiastic and recommend everyone sign-up IMMEDIATELY, the last time I did that (it was for Pownce) it turned out to be a bit of a dud. But I do have three invites for the closed Beta (that’s music for some…). Let me know.