Gathan Beaga

black macbook

happy faceRefusing to let my experiences (nor indeed anyone else’s) change my not-wholly-rational love of Apple hardware, I have purchased a new black MacBook.

Rationalising this seems awfully easy at the moment as I tap away on the sleek, black chiclet-style keyboard; play with the silliness of PhotoBooth and view all those er, videos sent by American friends without the tiniest hint of stutter.

Gosh, we didn’t really need those Contact Energy shares after all. (We had bought them in the IPO years ago, saving them for a rainy day. And it sure is raining a lot here at the moment.)

Anyway, the new toy is quite nice. But it would have been a lot better if we could have eked out the iBook until this time next year, once all the MacBook rev. 1 hardware issues were sorted out (and we were more ready for it financially).

Having mentioned “hardware issues”, I have to say that I’ve not yet encountered any of the things people are talking about online.

Time will tell.