Gathan Beaga

B₂'s friends

As previously mentioned, our part of town has a lot of interesting and varied insect life. For example, mantids and stick insects are quite common; here is a picture of one of a brown smooth one (as opposed to a brown spiky one) sitting on B₂’s finger. It’s a small one – just seven centimetres long.
B₂'s stick insect

Even more common than stick insects and the like are spiders. We quite like the hunting spiders that roam about inside the house. B₂ discovered the sad specimen below – we are not sure how it will cope with only one of its long (technical term coming up) “arms” left, but hopefully it will survive long enough to grow a new one.
In real life this beastie is a little over a centimetre long, so it’s not quite as fearsome as it looks. A great hunter though – I’ve watched one massacre half a trail of ants – obviously the ants didn’t taste too good as it would chop them in half and throw them away..