Gathan Beaga

being boing-boinged

As the three regular readers of this site will know, recently I had my regulation 15 milliseconds of net.fame. It all started when a couple of my postings got linked to and promoted by several nice people in the NZ blogosphere.

Over a few days the linkage continued until Brett from Webfroot submitted it to BoingBoing. And then things got really busy. A couple of other large sites picked it up, and even some off-line media (New Zealand Herald and Computerworld NZ) printed items about it.

This linkage activity does interesting things to search engine rankings. Now, three weeks later, the effect of all this has been to put my two postings, and the pages linking to them, into the top 10 or 20 results for any search for that particular company.

Take that, you scurvy dogs!

And of course, no event like this on my patch can be allowed to pass without an extensive, nerdly and largely pointless statistics reporting exercise. And here it is, courtesy once again of the mighty graces of Microsoft Excel.

Lets start with a lovely graph. It shows the numbers of hits per hour being referred from various websites, with the “All Hits” figure being all hits on by hour. site hits during the traffic spike on

As may be seen, is usually very quiet. But then a spike arrived on the 14th as a couple of the heavyweight New Zealand blogs (Kiwiblog and NZPundit) sent traffic this way. There’s more, smaller spikes as other sites link… and then on the 18th things went nuts as Boing Boing arrived about midday NZST. Boing Boing had a second spike during the NZ night which was probably a morning traffic surge across America. Things went a bit quieter for a bit, with MonkeyFilter providing quite a bit of traffic on the 20th… and then BBSpot kicked in, providing even more traffic than Boing Boing.

The sites that referred the most traffic are as follows:

Site Hits referred
BBSpot 2015
Boing Boing 1334
Monkeyfilter 365
NZ Pundit 100
Kiwi Blog 96
Webfroot 90
For the Masses 80
Syringe 66
Spleen 43
Hairy Geek 40
The Lounge Forum at Techfocus 31
Additive Rich 31
Cuba Street Geek 24
Unwashed Forums 15
Noizyland 11

Other sites linking (that I found) were, in no particular order:
What the Funk * Here Be Dragons * No Cents * Weapons of Mass Distraction * gryfon * Gadgetophile * Patrick * The Woman Rebel * * The Daily Irrelevant * Small Kiwi Farms Forum * Growler South * Jonathan’s Liverstone * a blog doesn’t need a clever name * Not about him * * read/write web links

Finally (phew!) I’d just like to thank all involved, not least “Simone” for providing such capital entertainment. It was a lot of fun while it lasted.

And now can go back to its state of quiet anonymity.