Gathan Beaga


Hell! I can’t leave my site with two geekish posts hogging the coveted (in my head) top spot on the front page!

So here I’m writing a quick filler of the usual inanities to hide the secret shame revealed by my last two postings: that of aspiring to geek-dom. I say aspiring because although all my friends and relatives think I am a geek, I happen to know quite a lot of real geeks whose inner Asperger’s child is a lot closer to the surface than mine.

In other news… I’ve made the discovery that not all tuis are benign, beautiful and melodious creatures designed by the hand of nature to enliven our sad existence. In fact, some tuis can be creatures of pure and blackest evil.

There is one in our neighbourhood that is at present driving us insane with its strange call, which sounds like a cross between a police car’s siren and a particularly offensive and penetrating mobile phone ringtone. Worse, it repeats it every thirty seconds during all the hours of daylight.

At first, after arriving back from holiday, R. and I wondered what this interesting new bird in the neighbourhood was that we could hear but not see. By day two the curiosity was abating somewhat as we started to wish it could be just a little bit quieter. By day three we started to wonder if it was a protected species or not.

And then I saw it: a tui. And therefore probably ineligible for treatment with a lead pill (being an old rural remedy for these sorts of problems). We’ll have to wait it out.