Gathan Beaga

before one

Sarah’s called it a day on her ’blog, One Before. Which is a bit of a blow, really.

About two and a half years ago (I think) I must have been casting around for other Wellington blogs and came across hers, the then Leto. Over time, I became an avid reader, then commenter (it seems to have taken me some time to start commenting… now I can’t not, on lots of blogs).

So what was the draw? Hard to quantify, really, but present in spades. A wry sense of humour, I suppose, a great read and some good commenters as well. Personal but not claustrophobic. Something that became a regular stop each day, and a writing style that I often aspired to.

So Sarah – even if you’ve given up blogging (for now), I hope you can at least carry on writing. Somewhere. Start that novel. Bug some random blogger via comments. Find another audience. Just don’t stop.