Gathan Beaga

been there

I haven’t posted much lately. There’s a certain amount of mental capital needs to be expended in writing an entry and there’s just none to spare at the moment. So in the absence of anything to talk about, or even the energy to talk about nothing in particular, I present the traditional lazy blogger’s remedy: a meaningless list.

  • Playing with a P900, even if borrowed, is very nice indeed. It would be nice to keep it, but I’m not holding my breath. And what is it about the cost of Symbian apps? There are very few useful free ones (unlike for the Palm) and all shareware seems to be over $20 US.
  • John Tamihere’s blog is cool. It’s good to hear from someone within the Labour tent who’s got a sense of humour. But of course, one entry does not maketh the blog. He’d better get writing before people drift away: people stop reading blogs that don’t update regularly. Like this one you are reading now.
  • Babies with colds are not much fun, particularly at night-time. I don’t get the worst of this (not on week-nights, anyway – in the weekends it’s my turn) as mostly Becky gets up to Rosa. The question I have is: how the hell do solo parents cope with this sort of thing? Hats off to them, I say.
  • The passing of Sarah’s Leto blog is to be regretted. It was the one I read most often, and was a great example of the weblog genre. Maybe she’ll be back.

I think we’ll call it a day right there.