Gathan Beaga

beach house

R₂ at Raumati beachI left work early, catching the train up the coast to Paraparaumu station.

R. and the girls were already there, having gone to our borrowed beach house earlier in the afternoon. But they hadn’t a chance to visit the beach yet.

Something which I remedied forthwith.

Unbolt the gate, through, down the short bank onto the beach. Shoes on, watch out for glass, overprotective maybe but then I picked up a fresh sharp as I walked, showing the girls. Shells; spiral and cockle. The tide is out.

Roll up R₂’s trousers and she’ll dash through the low surf, always on the verge of losing it.

B₂ racing ahead; using a stick to write her name in the sand; digging holes.

After 20 minutes or so we turn back for the house. On the way B₂ finds a warm pool of water to lie in, rising caked in muddy sand (the pool happens to be a creek of dubious water quality running onto the beach). Luckily there’s a (warm) outdoor shower at the side of the house, and the girls get clean for dinner.

We all sit on the deck in the low evening sun. Dinner. Pasta. Mt Difficulty Dry Riesling.

Much later, R. and I relax to the sound of the surf. The sun sets over the South Island. The sky darkens quickly.

Can’t wait here out of bed too long though: I’m catching a ride with JK into work tomorrow at 5:30 am. Ouch.

Still. R. and the girls have a full day, and more, to come. We’re staying here until Sunday. Lucky, eh!?