Gathan Beaga

balcon de l'amour (deux)

It seems that the notoriety of the Balcony of Love is spreading.

Even though it may be mid-winter, the Balcony still seems to get semi-regular use. Maybe it’s the recent rash of mild days here in Wellington tricking some people’s endocrine systems into thinking that it is springtime.

The latest development (as it were) is a series of photos circulating around town of some, err… action last week on the Balcony involving a business-suited couple. I guess this proves that it’s not just school-kids at holiday time that choose to avail themselves of the fresh air and ocean breezes of the Balcony while getting closely acquainted. It also proves that someone (not in our building thankfully, judging by the angle) has taken their observation of the Balcony to the next step and is ready with their camera to err…, capture the moment.

I still can’t understand how it is that people think they can’t be seen on the Balcony. Unless they actually do want to be seen. Hopefully that is their intention, because the way these things take off around the Internet, someone will set up a webcam and the busy Balcony-dwellers will become international stars…