Gathan Beaga

bad bizness

Why the hell would anyone use a .biz address for a serious business? That traditional haunt of spam related businesses, and last chance losers trying their hand at domain name squatting?

It’s about as appropriate as using Comic Sans MS in a business case document. I came across this at work once… and the whole document read like a joke.

Anyway, it seems that Napier’s Port Company has decided that a address is not sufficient, and now features a .biz address in some of its branding.

Why oh why? There’s a perfectly good .com address going begging there (the address is fine anyway) – and all the .biz address does is make them look like a bunch of muppets.

/Rant over. God, I’m such a fucking snob. It’s not like their branding is designed to impress me. But still.