Gathan Beaga

at the phoenix foundation

Watching the Phoenix Foundation (2)So, just as perhaps hinted at in the final paragraph of my most recent Wellingtonista post we took the girls down to Frank Kitts Park this evening to see the Phoenix Foundation, live in a free gig.

We sat on some steps above the main mass of people on the grass so the girls could see what was going on. (That music that comes out of our stereo at home? It’s made by real people. Those people. Up there on that stage.) R₂ fell asleep in my arms halfway though the second song (40 years?), but B₂ watched through it all, occasionally jumping up to dance. We, of course, loved it. Great music, happy crowd, kids stoked to be out doing something cool and different.

And then, the last song. B₂ climbed onto my shoulders, and R₂ on to R.’s, and they sung/shouted the words of Bright Grey, a song they know and love well:

…that orange and yellow, they’re making me mellow…

And then rounding into the “ooo-ooo” bits with gusto, enought to make some of the people around us stare and smile. The song faded away, the grins on the girls faces remained; more “ooo-ooo” from them as we walked to the car, the songs of the encore playing behind us.

I think they’ll want to do that again.