Gathan Beaga

around minuit...

Minuit at the Lifeboat, Eastbourne, 9 September 2006 …or just before was when the gig finished, which wasn’t such a bad thing for me personally as the next morning I would be up early looking after the girls while R. had a sleep-in (6:30am reveille as it turned out). For everyone else though it was possibly a bit of a drag, as there we all were at midnight in Eastbourne with nowhere to go but home, really.

R. and I went with Angie, another mother from Playcentre (Playcentre rocks, man, didn’t ya know?) who managed to score a primo spot just to the right of the “stage” (a couple of upturned wooden boxes for, I’m guessing, the keyboards). R. is not as familiar with the music as I am, and her desire to push past the sweaty giants that comprised the front row was limited. However, being such a small gig (120 tix limited) there were sightlines for all available, so this wasn’t a problem.

[I really like small gigs. We used to go to a lot of them years ago in Dunedin. One favourite being The Puddle in some dingy basement with about 50 other people, including a toddler boogieing between the speaker stacks… of course, that gig was 15 years ago and the toddler will have their driver’s license by now.]

The crowd was older, self-selected from those able to make the trek around the curve of the harbour under their own steam. Between that and its small size it was possibly a little more reserved than it could have been. Not that that affected the band.

The gig itself was great; Minuit putting on a rocking show. All the usual songs were played, plus one new one (or should I say: one I’d not heard before, it may have been a very old one).

All in all, a fantastic little night out and a great way to introduce R. to the music of Minuit. Not to mention impose introduce Angie to my extensive and nerdly collection of mashups in the car there and back.