Gathan Beaga

architecture inter alia

MLC BuildingOK, so this is just an excuse to send in a photo from the phone.

But the MLC building on Lambton Quay is pretty cool. One of my favourites in town, although of that vague historical period I do like the old State Insurance building (now Te Puni Kokiri HQ) on Stout Street better (latter additions by Athfield and all, and most especially the brilliant Hotere sculpture out front – a broken classical column that is surely a very well positioned metaphor for the end of colonialism).

Hmmmm – maybe I should have shot that instead.

Taken on a beautiful summer’s day, the kind the last 10 days has brought in abundance. We didn’t get a lot of this sort of thing in the first two months of summer…

…and I’m hoping this good run will continue until at least Easter, when I at last get a decent run of leave and our little family will head to the Eastern Bay of Plenty for a week or so.

Fingers crossed.