Gathan Beaga

another meaningless list

Again, in the absence of real thought or purpose, I present another meaningless list of paragraphs posing as a blog posting.

  • The person responsible for the music on the otherwise unremarkable TV show Back to Basics has fantastic taste. Tonight they played Durutti Column, Smashing Pumpkins, The Lemonheads and Sugar among others: a somewhat dated selection, but great all the same. I’m guessing the music person is about the same age as me (i.e., somewhat dated), but with a good line in early to mid-90s music. Pity about the actual show though – like many reality TV / home improvement shows it’s rather dull. And that landscaper guy seems a bit of a whiny tosser.
  • The new versions of Office (Office 2004) for the Macintosh are, contrary to expectations with so-called “upgrades”, actually faster and a good 10% spiffier than plain old Office X.
  • My descent into coffee nerd-dom continues with a birthday gift of a DeLonghi KG-100 coffee grinder. It’s a conical burr grinder (naturally) and is in fact a rebadged Solis 166 (also known in the US as the Starbucks Barista, and in the UK as the Dualit EL-60). I’ve already discovered that it does not grind finely enough for our espresso machine… but luckily the Internet comes to the rescue again, with several sources of information on how to modify it to make it work better. Phewf.
  • Sometimes I get these really misanthropic feelings. Like when I’m getting crowded on the bus: just who are all these stinking bags of water? Maybe it’s the thought that they’re all human with their own loves, jobs, worries, fears, hates; their own position in a web of unseen connections extending across the city, the country and the world; and that there are another six billion just like them out there. It’s all a bit overwhelming: maybe it’s a kind of fear. So I quickly go back to playing Lo-Pan on the phone to slam the door on that particular abyss.
  • The other morning while at the bus stop I couldn’t work out why my shadow was pointing north. Looking to the south explained it: a tower of bright orange cumulus bearing down on Wellington had caught the rising morning sun full on. Five minutes later I was safely in the bus as the southerly hit with more than average ferocity: black sheets of rain (thanks Bob); hail; and wind. It was all over in a couple of hours though.
That should fill my quota for another few days.