Gathan Beaga

another day, another sunset

Sunset, Eastern Bay of Plenty, 9 April 2007We’re here now. But without the rain, the dark, and the screaming kids of last time. (The kids are here… but they’re quietly sleeping.)

We had a few days in Hawkes Bay but we left this morning, riding with the tide of Easter Monday traffic to Taupo, and then beating against the same tide out to the East Coast from Whakatane.

We arrived in the late afternoon, and the girls were able to rampage about re-acquainting themselves with the place while we re-acquainted ourselves with the sunset. And out there, about 50km away over the glassy water, White Island. It puffed away there regularly. “It’s going to erupt!” said B₂… but no, it just puffed gently again. Benign enough to make a smoke ring, perhaps.


I don’t know what I’m going to be doing tomorrow. But I know a few things I’m not doing.