Gathan Beaga

and that, as they say, was that.

Today was my last day at my current place of work. A place where I’ve been eight years and have gotten to know quite well: people; processes; how to get things done… maybe perhaps a little too much on how things don’t work rather than how they do…

Anyway, there was the farewell drinks, which I rather stupidly under-did on the suggestion of names to my boss who was organising (note for self – don’t invite 40 when you could easily invite 60) as inevitably not everyone you invited actually turns up. And don’t do it on a day that the ’Canes are playing at the Stadium.

And so at the end there was me and JK, with whom I have worked the longest continuously… ever since a night when I was working late in the Call Centre as a lowly “Service & Sales Representative” and JK turned up to explain to us the stonkingly cool conceptual model for the application he (among many others) had just deployed to our mass customer base. WTF, we thought. Oh, those days of innocence!

(K., my main co-worker, had already gone – she’s not as bigger geek as JK and I.)

JK and I wondered what to do with the leftover food. Easy. JK knew the sysops on overnight, so he called them up and we took it all to them on the floor above; offerings to the tech gods. It’ll come in handy the next time JK needs something done at 3 in the morning. I’d never been on that floor before: usually off-limits to vulgar non-IT people. “Good luck for wherever-you-are-going”, they said as we left.

That was the extent of our tidying activities. NMP, as I am told by K.

After that it was Pod for a quick snack then respectively home. JK, like me, has kids. Late nights don’t work that well anymore.

And here, now. A mixture of relief and apprehension. I’ve got somewhere new to go, but how it will work just yet I don’t know.

There’s a week off first though.