Gathan Beaga

american edit

Forget the polemic (well, don’t let it delay you too long) and just fecking download this thing NOW:

Dean Gray Tuesday

Dean Gray (alias for PartyBen and Team9) has created my album of the year. I’ve listened to this more times in the last few days than I have most of my other stuff all year. It’s that good.

So, what’s it all about?

Imagine a mashup where, instead of putting together two random songs they mash together related songs. But related in a particular way: you know when you listen to a tune and there’s a nagging sense, a kind of itch, that you’ve heard that riff, that drum line, before?

American Edit scratches that itch. For example:

  • You keep hearing an echo of Oasis in a Green Day tune? Boulevard of Broken Songs amplifies that echo by colliding the two together, putting a dance track on it and thereby plastering a big dumb grin on your face.
  • You liked the Bangles but were always afraid someone would find out? Worry not: now you can listen to Susannah Hoffs and retain your cool in Whatsername.
  • Wonder again what ever happened to the KLF (last seen burning £1 million) when you hear the glorious mash of Doctor Who on Holiday.

…and many, many more.

Strangely enough, I hadn’t previously heard any of the original Green Day tracks, until Saturday, when Jesus of Suburbia appeared on a video show.

And yeah, it was good, but it was no American Jesus.