Gathan Beaga

Amazon community

Amazon’s interesting the way it tries to build communities and gets its own customers to provide content.

And who better to provide it than Henry Raddick, the current 111th ranked reviewer. This is Henry on Bigotry (Issues in Focus) by Kathlyn Gay:

bq.5 of 5 starsA bold effort.With my Uncle Sandy’s intemperate public outbursts becoming more and more needlessly graphic, I bought this book to help him address his homophobia. But it’s a sad day when a supposedly intelligent 74 year old man dismisses a book as worthless solely on the strength of the author’s name. I told him not to judge a book from its cover, but that’s hardly an argument to persuade a man who to this day refuses even to shake hands with a man if he is wearing corduroy.

And 27 out of 28 people found Henry’s review of The Bible Cure for Memory Loss helpful:

bq.5 of 5 starsGlory in His name. A beautifully written book about the healing power of that nice bearded young man.

Henry other claim to fame are his reviews under the name of Andrew Lloyd Webber for books on the subjects of halitosis and premature ejaculation (among others). I have had many a happy (and wasted) moment at work last week pissing myself Henry’s reviews…

[Thanks to The Register for the original story.]