Gathan Beaga

alpha geek wannabe

a pass to the acid2 testThe brain of Safari, my favourite Mac browser, is called Webkit. It takes care of the way things look on the page and how JavaScript is executed.

Recently Apple made it Open Source, which in turn meant that I could download it and build it myself. Especially as there were very clear and easy instructions for doing so on the website.

So this I have just done! And am now running Safari with it! And now see me pass the Acid2 test!

For no apparent reason. Other than to say I have. Realistically I’m just standing on the shoulders of geekdom’s giants.

But still… Hear the thunderous ROOOOAAAARRRR of the silverback as it beats its mighty chest!

Yeah, over there maybe. But all you can hear here is a sort of puny hollow tapping.