Gathan Beaga

all good things...

…must come to an end. As the car stopped above our house in Wellington, R₂ started crying. She was really upset about something, but she wouldn’t tell us what it was.

Eventually we got it out of her: “I don’t want Dad to go back to work!”.

Poor girl. All this day-on-day family fun had come to an end, for now. I felt a bit pleased that she rated my company that much – long may that continue – and we spent the next little while companionably making tea (on a chair at the stove, over her shoulder: “I’m looking after these baked beans for you Dad!”).

trophyBack in the Bay this morning it was another hot, blustery day, but you could see in the distance clouds gathering; as if held off by a high-pressure bubble of sunshine concentrated on the Heretaunga Plains.

We got the car packed and headed out to the Sunday Farmers’ Market – unfortunately too late for most of the decent vegetables (as in Wellington, it pays to arrive before 10am I think), but just in time for lots of other cool stuff that wasn’t strictly necessary but was oh-so-tasty. R. did buy some lettuce seedlings, so at least someone was thinking practically.

Then we went to look for the Keirunga Park Railway, (dropping by Bay Espresso for the little trophy you see there) but we couldn’t find it. I had blindly trusted the iPhone and Vodafone to provide me with info and maps on how to get there… but no sooner did we hit the chintz-zone of Havelock than the 3G connection dropped, and nothing worked (I suppose we could have lurked in the centre of Havelock and used the CaféNet spot there, but that place seriously bugs me). Luckily we didn’t mention any of this to the kids, so they probably just thought we were doing some more pointless sightseeing through boring towns, again. Crazy parents, eh?

Those clouds were coming closer we rolled through Hastings on our way to Highway 50. And indeed, by Tikokino there had been some rain, and a drop in temperature from the mid-twenties down to 18°C. But by the time we got to Masterton it was down to 9°C and we were wondering what would it be in Wellington. 6°C? 4°C?

Contrary to expectations it was a reasonable 12°C with a little sun and no wind: not exactly warm but then better than 9°C and rain. There are few things worse than unpacking the car in the rain, and carting it down the steps to the house. We were spared this, at least. But the holiday was over.