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Another boring post about blogging. (Just to warn you. One would expect I should be working on writing better/amusing/meaningful whatever stuff instead, but that might require imagination.)

This afternoon I installed Movable Type, just to have a bit of a play about. While I’m still keen on TextPattern, MT is increasingly attractive given the length of time it’s taking for the new version of TXP to appear (and my increasing aversion to Radio Userland).

The featureset of MT is huge, and the maturity of it means there’s lots of plugins and related software to ease usage. Along these lines I have been trying out Kung-Log and NetNewsWire for blog posting purposes. It seems easy to have multiple blogs and multiple authors too, which might be a plus. But a downside of MT is its huge size – over 3Mb of server space. And I can’t say the installation was straightforward, although it didn’t take me too long after some careful study of the instructions.

Before I make a final decision I will need to get hold of the long-awaited beta 1.7 version of TextPattern. I hope Dean hasn’t gone AWOL on us. Although I wouldn’t blame him – from being his own handrolled blog system for personal use TXP now has hundreds of demanding users. Features, releases, installation woes, newbie questions… if I was him I’d want to just play with Oliver and Hugo

Oh, my MT test blog is here , and my TXP test blog is here. At some point I suppose I should write up a more detailed comparison…