Gathan Beaga

a vital de-quacking

So in a blog posting late last year Stephen critically and rationally dismantled Andron Tech’s ShieldMe, a NZ$45 piece of cardboard “programmed matrix” that supposedly “neutralises the effect of a cell phone’s electro-magnetic field” when placed inside the battery compartment of the phone.

Yeah right.

Anyway, I read the posting at the time. I was never likely to buy one of the things, and Stephen was preaching to the converted in me anyway. Next!

Of course, not everyone could read it and move on as I did. Like the owner of Andron Tech, who objected so much that he dispatched a private detective yesterday round to Stephen’s house to serve on him a poorly worded C&D type letter: take the blog posting down within 21 days… or else.

What an idiot. If Andron Tech’s owner had left it well alone, few people – and even fewer of Andron Tech’s target customers – would have read Stephen’s entirely valid criticisms. But now the story is rippling out through the web, and already has been picked up by websites with more Google PageRank than Andron Tech will ever have.

Result: many more people – including many of Andron Tech’s target customers – will read Stephen’s words than will read his.

And I can hear the laughter from here.