Gathan Beaga

a slow death

I’ve been having an amusing and bittersweet time reviewing archives back to early 1998 of the main email list for students, alumni and staff of the Masters programme I did a while back. For some reason I’ve lost all of 2001, but the rest still hold great entertainment value.

And after all this, I have to ask: where did everybody go?

Here’s a quick graph showing messages by month in the list. It tells a story.

messages by month in a mailing list

Forget the peaks – many of them were the bad times, of which there were a few. I’m thinking of the steady background hum, the 20 to 40 messages per month just shooting the breeze, a couple hundred intelligent wired people riffing.

Does the course still exist? Where are the new students? Where is the discussion, the freewheeling discourse on technology, politics, social networks, everything and nothing? Where even, are the inevitable bickerings?

I don’t know. I hope it’s all happening somewhere, even if it’s not happening there.