Gathan Beaga

a monkeyboy writes

Few things seem to bestir me to any effort on this increasingly dusty blog.

One of these things is the weather, that most fickle (and dull) of subjects. There’s always something to whinge about that will be shared in part by one’s readers… well, the local ones anyway.

Unfortunately there was nothing to whinge about today. Can I whinge about that? Maybe not.

Balmy spring weather, all-blue skies, and an absence of wind: I thought I’d died and was in Another Place not reserved for the likes of me. So I ignored the kids and took the camera into the garden for some shooting.

First I unsuccessfully tried shooting some of the tiny yellow coprosma flowers. The shade was too dark, and the sun too bright – so nothing great there. But the kowhai was looking pretty good:

Tui in Kowhai

As were the tuis. One would pop by every five minutes or so, and if more than one arrived there’d be a minor scuffle until only one remained.

I like the tuis a lot. While they remain wary of people, they don’t really give a shit about us beyond keeping a minimum distance away. Every so often, this one would just look at me as if to say:

“I can see you monkeyboy, and I know what you’re doing.”

You looking at me?

Someone said this week – it may have been Llew around the Wellingtonista watercooler – that the tui are the patched up gangsters of the indigenous avians of Kelburn, kicking the magpies and other imported trash out of the ‘hood, and setting up their stoop in the local kowhai trees. Lately though it’s not all been going their way, with the occasional drive-by from the kakas of Karori.

Who knew? But I could well believe it.