Gathan Beaga

a minty month

It’s been more or less a month since I first started mucking around with the Mint site stats program. And in truth it’s probably not told me much I couldn’t already have guessed… but it has done it in a very attractive way.

For example, here’s a screenshot of the results from the Fresh View plugin:


Fresh View generates an SVG file (a flavour of XML that describes an image) and, with the aid of the Adobe SVG plugin I get what you see above – beautifully anti-aliased images. And the icing on the cake: if I hover over any of the points I get a tooltip telling me the numerical data value for that point.

And, what do the data mean? It would seem that after the blatant blog whoring I did when I first installed Mint (that and Noizy’s comment referencing my site on Plastic Bag) I got possibly more traffic than I usually get, and now it’s sagging back to the usual dismal levels.

I probably also need to be posting a little more (unfortunately this isn’t counted in these stats, not that I’ve been writing much there either) as more posts lead unquestionably to more traffic.

I still haven’t resolved why increased traffic should be so important to me – I certainly didn’t think it was – but maybe a little knowledge is a dangerous thing…