Gathan Beaga

a lovely muriel

Ben has come up with an interesting idea: a mural wall that travels blog to blog getting added to.

I’m not usually big on passing blog-memes on (being of a naturally sour and grumpy disposition), but for some reason this one caught my eye.

So here goes:

Ben's Mural: two tags

Ben says:

This tag is based on the idea of a wall mural. We start with a plain brick wall and people add something to it and pass it on. What you draw on is up to you. It can be related to your web-site. Preferably include your web-site URL in it. Each drawing does not have to be isolated from other peoples ones, overlapping images will look good. Try to use about 10% of the area.

The image is 400×300 and is a PNG file. Save the file to your computer and add in your artwork and post on your blog. Then tag other people to do the same. It is preferable to leave the file as PNG file rather tan convert to JPG otherwise the quality is going to suffer over multiple edits.

Tag History:

If you are number 10, then please leave a comment at giving a link to the final mural.

Next on the list:

Not that I would expect all of these people to go for this little diversion, but like Ben, I feel quantity will at least ensure one or two take it up.

And if you read this and feel you should have a go, please do.