Gathan Beaga

a good friday

In this country we get to have Good Friday off, which is very nice. Especially so as today was one of those glorious Wellington autumn days of warm and still weather. So in about the middle of the afternoon R₂ suggested we take the bikes down to the park (something we don’t do as often as we should because of the rather large number of steps involved).

B₂ thought it was a good idea too; and R. had finished what she needed to do for Craft 2.0 tomorrow… so off we went.

Of course, no sooner did we get there than the bikes were forgotten:

at the playground

But really, there’s just too much to do at these sort of places:

at the playground

Later, a couple turned up with a cute corgi and a croquet set. Our girls introduced themselves and had themselves a game while R. and I kept the poor old dog company.

And really, going to the park was about the most exciting thing we did all day. And this was VERY GOOD.