Gathan Beaga

a day in the snow

Our girls have not been in any snow before – we don’t usually go down to the farm in the winter (although I’d like to one day) – so today we went up to Whakapapa for a bit of a look-see.

There had been some snow overnight, and chains were required. Which made for a very long and slow trip up: but at least I could take a couple photos of that handsome young fellow Ngauruhoe (unclothed!).


Of course, the queue was so long that by the time we got near the top all the frost had been melted or broken by other traffic, and the requirement for chains was lifted just before we were due to have them fitted.

When we got to the top it was windy and a little cold… but down in Happy Valley (the learners’ area) it was quite sheltered and warm. Both girls decided that they wanted to try out this skiing thing (helped by finding some of their Playcentre friends there who were already proficient).

None of this stuff is cheap, but at least getting decent training doesn’t cost much more than lift passes and ski hire (Gateway Drug!). Plus it is possible for non-skiing parents to get a free lift pass to support the kids, which I did.

Without us trying to ham-fistedly teach the kids they thrived, both girls having lots of fun learning. R₂ in particular, after her lessons, spent some time travelling up the chairlift and down the slope with her mother; and B₂ even thought she’d had the most fun since going to Dreamworld last year.

It might be a year or two before we are back, though.